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Manufacturer’s Rep


The Manufacturer’s Rep

Basic television is now reinforced with the Internet as a reliable source of information. These two are considered the most powerful tools in advertising and information dissemination. Ads on TV and via the Internet may be constant, consistent, and attractive, but they don’t always contain enough information about your product. They only flash on the monitor for a few seconds, leaving the consumer asking for more things concerning the product.

This is where the exposure on TV shopping channels enters into the picture. These tangible, informative materials are needed by business owners like you. Selling your products through catalogs allows you to say everything about your product without worrying about the airtime or the Internet connection. Catalogs bring about a whole new perspective towards your products. The product demo is included in the printed information. With this, you have to make sure that the catalog company includes your company and products. When consumers browse through the catalogs, your product will have the chance to leave the warehouse soon. To make this possible, our catalog brokers are ready to help.

QVC Vendor Rep

Any HSN or QVC broker or rep should always be armed with a good track record and a solid list of contacts. Once you have a QVC rep, you will have a better chance at being noticed by consumers.

We offer to represent your company and be your QVC Rep. With the help of our experienced representatives, your job as the company owner will become easier and faster.

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