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QVC Rep successful for Standers

By using a QVC Rep, Standers drives sales from the QVC Shopping platform! The below video highlights the Standers EZ Fold and Go rollator. This rollator the the lightest and most portable rollator on the market today! What is a rollator? A rollator is sometimes called a “wheeled walker” but is different from a 2-wheeled walker. It consists of a frame with three or four large wheels, handlebars, and a built-in seat. It is mainly used for patients who need a walker only for balance but not for weight-bearing.

For the Standers EZ Fold and Go Rollator, it folds to a very compact size and fits into the front seat or the back seat of the car. The Fold and Go only weighs 14.5 lbs! 6 ideas, has been a QVC Rep for over 20 years. As a QVC Rep, Our job is to pave the way for success on QVC. First, 6 ideas contacts the appropriate buyer based on the product and its category. Having worked with QVC for so long, we have established relationships in the various buying offices at QVC.

Next the QVC Rep arranges for a presentation to convince the buyer that it is the right product for QVC’s customer. The buyer will then create a purchase order and bring in the right amount of goods to test the item. 6 ideas will have to make sure the vendor has the right amount of inventory and make sure the product is ready to go when the purchase order is due.

We will then arrange for the spot on TV. An appropriate guest is necessary to pitch the product on air. The right guest will have experience as an expert in this category. The other skill is the right experience selling on live TV!

During the below segment, the guest did a great job of selling the item! Resources such as props and supporting video also know as broll had to be arranged. Again another responsibility for the qvc rep.

See the link below to see a live presentation:

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QVC Still Cooking During the Stay at Home Time

As people are sheltering in place, QVC is broadcasting and selling items 24/7. SO not only are the selling but also looking for the next best thing. Thats where comes into place. We have the knowledge and the relationships to get your product on QVC. Contact us today at


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QVC Parent Qurate Retail Posts Q3 Results

Qurate continues to struggle as they are battling integration and the violently competitive online environment. Looks like Zulily is providing a significant strain on their bottom line.

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Treadly – The Worlds Thinnest Treadmill Launching on QVC!

Tune in this a.m. to watch the presentation of Treadly. The worlds thinnest treadmill. It will launch on QVC at approx 11:50am EST. No more bulky exercise equipment clogging up your space. Or should i say no more clothes hanger in the middle of your room!  Count your miles, steps and time! Comes with a watch to control speed and gives you access to a app so you can connect with other Treadly users!  Here is a link: